West Bolivar High School

1213 South Main Street
Rosedale, MS 38769
(662) 759-3743-Phone

WBCSD Back to School Plan 2020-2021  

WBCSD Parent's Right to Know 2020-2021

 Dr. Barbara Flore, Principal

Ms. Tracy Dunn, Assistant Principal

Welcome Message:                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Teacher GoGuardian Presentation

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                WBCSD Parent Student Handbook 2020-2021

Hello parents, faculty, and staff of the West Bolivar Consolidated School District. I would like to thank you for your continued support of our students at West Bolivar High School. The West Bolivar High staff has very high expectations for this school year and our students. We are working diligently to prepare our students to become productive citizens with quality, bell to bell instruction. Our mission is, "Working together as a team to provide students with a quality education that they can use to become productive citizens.” The goal for the upcoming school year is to make academic progress in all aspects of our school. We are pushing to have at least 60% of our students proficient in Algebra 1 and English 2 in addition to having a 75% passing rate. In US History, we are pushing for 66% proficiency and 86% passing. In Biology, we are pushing for 63% passing and 50% proficiency. This work can’t be done without help from all the stakeholders of West Bolivar High, and we are asking for your help. This can become one of the best schools in the state with the potential of our students. Please continue to support our school academically by insisting that students work hard at home to get prepared for the next day. Finally, our goal is to have 98% attendance this year. Students must be at school all day every day. Please refer back to the district’s policy as far as checking students out and students missing days from school. Thank you for all of your support for a great school year and remember, “We work best when we work together!!!!!” #TEAMEAGLE

School description:

West Bolivar High School was built in 1921 as a place for the youth of Rosedale to receive an education. In 1970, it was integrated so that all of the youth of Rosedale could receive a quality education.  In 2001, the school was established as an historical landmark and renovated. In addition to the school’s educational history, the school has a great athletic tradition. In Basketball, the boys have won the state championship in 1968 and 2010. In track, West Bolivar High has championships in 1983, 1992-95, 2007, 2012 and 2013. Finally, the school also has football championships in 1981, 1985, 1986, 2007, and 2011. Some famous alumni are Fred and Tim Barnett who played professional football in the NFL.

Instructional Programs:

West Bolivar High is working hard to become an academically superior school. Some instructional programs include 8th period remediation, Classworks, USA Test Prep, and STAR Reading to improve our students reading and math scores. Our goal is to get all students on grade level in math and reading so that they can be successful on state tests and prepping for the ACT. Our school also has ACT prep I/II for our students to receive preparation to be successful on the ACT. After school tutorial will start soon for the bottom 25% of our students so that they can show growth after this year’s testing cycle.

Staff Listing


Ms. Shadeika Bass-  ELA (sbass@wbcsdk12.org) Ms. Stella Hampton- Distance Learning lab (shampton@wbcsdk12.org)
Ms. Lashaunda Evans- English (ldevans@wbcsdk12.org Mr. Milton Barnes-Exceptional Education (mbarnes@wbcsdk12.org)
Ms. Evelyn Butler- Math (embutler@wbcsdk12.org) Ms. Nafatic Butler-Math (nbutler@wbcsdk12.org)
Ms. Vivian Lewis-Exceptional Education (vilewis@wbcsdk12.org) Ms. Stephanie Wilson- Social Studies (srwilson@wbcsdk12.org)
Mrs. Shana Merideth- Science (smerideth@wbcsdk12.org) Ms. Jaqueese Wilson-Science (jwilson@wbcsdk12.org)
Ms. Shannone Williams-English (scoleman@wbcsdk12.org) Ms. Anna Martinez- Custodian (amartinez@wbcsdk12.org)
Mr. Jeremy Banks-ISS (jbanks@wbcsdk12.org) Mr. Joseph Johnson- Driver's Education (jjohnson@wbcsdk12.org)
Mrs. Susie James- Social Studies (sjames@wbcsdk12.org) Mr. Cedric Armstrong- Physical Education (carmstrong@wbcsdk12.org)
Ms. Audra Archie-Teacher Assistant (aarchie@wbcsdk12.org) Mr. Jerry Walker- STEM (jwalker@wbcsdk12.org
Mr. McKinley Horsley-Custodian (mhorsely@wbcsdk12.org) Ms. Alexis Woods- Family Consumer Science (awoods@wbcsdk12.org)
Ms. Eddie Evans- Custodian (eevans@wbcsdk12.org) Mrs. Tomeka Mosby- Social Studies/Psychology (tmosby@wbcsdk12.org)
Mrs. Clarietta Evans- Administrative Asst. (cevans@wbcsdk12.org) Mrs. Lucille Mayfield-JMG (lmayfield@wbcsdk12.org
Ms. Kerri Coleman- Counselor  (kcoleman@wbcsdk12.org) Ms. Chandra Miller- Cyber Foundations (cmiller@wbcsdk12.org)
Mr.Markeia Brown- Social Studies (mkbrown@wbcsk12.org Ms. Will Ethel Hall- Exceptional Education (whall@wbcsdk12.org
Mr. Herman Brown Middle Level P.E (hbrown@wbcsdk12.org Mr. Edwin Johnson- Expectional Education (ejohnson@wbcsdk12.org)
Ms. Marquesha Lewis- Act Prep/Journalism/English (mlewis@wbcsdk12.org) Ms. Cecelia McHardy- Art (cmchardy@wbcsdk12.org)
Mrs. Rena McKnight- College and Career Readiness (rmcknight@wbcsdk12.org) Ms. Debra Adams- Science (dsadams@wbcsdk12.org)
Ms. Joy Isler- Math (jisler@wbcsdk12.org) Mr. La'Jeremy Harris- Math (lajarris@wbcsdk12.org)
Mrs. Kathy Jones- School Nurse (kjones@wbcsdk12.org) Ms. Veronica Lewis- Social Studies (vlewis@wbcsdk12.org)
Mr. Damius Robinson- Alternative School Director (drobinson@wbcsk12.org) Mr. Kentatta Wade- Custodian (kwade@wbcsdk12.org)