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WBCSD Parent's Right to Know 2020-2021

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WBCSD Parent Student Handbook 2020-2021


Tracy Dunn
Assistant Principal
Tanya Rodges
Jacqueline Smith
Mrs. Tanya Rodges
Principal - West Bolivar Elementary School

Dear West Bolivar Elementary Stakeholders:

Welcome to the 2020-21 school year at West Bolivar Elementary.  I am excited about the opportunity to be your child’s principal this school year.  Let me first of all assure you that the safety of your child and his/her education will be top priorities for me here at West Bolivar Elementary School.

This year we encourage you to continue as parents, guardians, and community members to monitor your child’s academic progress. Moreover, we will constantly make this process as easy as possible for you. Furthermore, research shows that parents and guardians who stay actively involved in their children’s education far outperform students who do not encounter active parental or guardian involvement.  We desperately desire your involvement in your child’s academic future at West Bolivar Elementary.

In summation, it is my hope that you find our website informative and user friendly. All administrators, teachers, and support staff at West Bolivar Elementary School are eager to begin laying the foundation for what promises to be another outstanding school year. In closing, we solicit your support in preparing your child to be confident, responsible, self-motivated, well-rounded, and equipped to be major contributors in moving academically from Good to Great!!

Thanks for visiting our website!!

Educationally yours,

Tanya Rodges

West Bolivar Elementary school



VISION: "Building leaders and thinkers every day in every area of life"

MOTTO: "Where Excellence is a Habit and Customer Service is Great"

West Bolivar Elementary School Faculty and Staff Directory




Tanya Rodges



Tracy Dunn

Assistant Principal


De'Andrea Eason



Jacqueline Smith

Administrative Assistant


Nancy Armstrong

1st Grade teacher


Latasha Davenport

1st Grade teacher

Candice O’Neal

4th grade ELA teacher


Brittny Vaughn

3rd grade Math/Science teacher


Jordan Goins, III

4th grade Math/Science teacher


Shonta Short

Kindergarten teacher


Kierre Scott

5th-6th Science teacher kscott@wbcsdk12.org

Camellia Jenkins

3rd grade ELA teacher


Felicity Strotter

5th-6th Social Studies teacher


Jimishia Washington

2nd grade teacher


Kaseika Jenkins

 5th-6th ELA teacher


Mary Joure

2nd grade teacher


Angel Harris

Kindergarten asst. teacher


Gwen Butler

Kindergarten teacher


Naneisha Wright

Computer Lab Facilitator


Latosha Anderson

Special Ed. teacher


Glinda Ford

1st grade asst. teacher


Sandra Garner

Special Education teacher


Francis Turner

Special Education Asst. teacher


Violet Simpson

Special Education teacher


Marcus Price

Special Education Asst. teacher


Linder Jenkins

Computer Lab Facilitator ljenkins@wbcsdk12.org

Joshua Pinkston

ISS jpinkston@wbcsdk12.org

Taranika Mims

Special Education Asst. teacher


Shaquanta Clinton

Computer Lab Facilitator


Patricia Lunford

Subject Area Assistant


Terry Nolden

Physical Education teacher tnolden@wbcsdk12.org

Maranjia Cockrell

5th-6th Math teacher


Georgia Robinson

Special Education teacher 


Patricia Moore

Special Education Asst. teacher pmoore@wbcsdk12.org

Wendy Moon

Speech/ Language teacher


Kathy Jones

School Nurse


Paulette Howze

Gifted Teacher phowze@wbcsdk12.org

Zina King

Speech zking@wbcsdk12.org
Cecelia McHardy Art teacher cmchardy@wbcsdk12.org

Robert Hampton

Head Custodian


Diann Edwards



Brenda King




To Educate ALL students to high levels of academic performance in a safe environment, ensuring that all graduate and become productive citizens.


  1. To Become a comprehensive healthy school district
    • To improve average daily attendance
    • To increase physical activity for students and staff
  2. To provide rigorous curriculum
    • To deliver high-level instruction in all classrooms (K – 6).
    • To increase classroom observations
    • To improve student achievement
    • To improve classroom management
  3. To provide a clean, safe, and orderly environment
    • To improve school safety
    • To promote school unity
  4. To recruit and retain highly qualified staff
    • To improve retention rate of new teachers
  5. to improve availability and use of technology by students and staff
    • to improve staff/student proficiency in technology
  6. To increase parental and community involvement
    • To improve parental and community involvement
  7. To maintain solid fiscal responsibility


As a school, we believe that:

  • All students can learn and achieve at high levels.
  • The school has a responsibility to set high expectations and to be accountable for the achievement of those expectations.
  • Education is the shared responsibility of students, parents, staff, and community.
  • Nurturing and supporting relationships strengthen academic growth.
  • Respect for self and others are necessary for a productive learning environment.
  • Students learn in different ways .
  • Each student should be respected and have equal access and opportunity to learn.
  • Effective administrators, teachers and support staff advocate, nurture, and sustain a school culture and instructional program conducive to student learning and professional growth.
  • A healthy school environment consisting of good nutrition and increased physical activity impact student achievement.
  • Providing a supportive environment in which students, teachers and staff are successful develops a sense of self-worth and confidence.
  • An active partnership with parents and the community is vital to the growth of the school system.
  • A commitment to continuous improvement will enable the school system to achieve its mission, vision, and goals.


The West Bolivar Elementary School community, located in Bolivar County, is composed of the town of Rosedale, the town of Gunnison, the town of Pace, the town of Beulah, and several small farming communities which surround these areas.  The West Bolivar School District community is a rather remote area in relationship to other communities in Bolivar County.  The closest cities, Cleveland, and Greenville, are approximately twenty and thirty-five miles away respectively.  Consequently, residents conduct most of their business in one of these two cities.  

Highways 1 and 8 connect the West Bolivar School District community to major markets to the north, south, east, and west.  Other major highways in the area are Highway 82 which is located approximately thirty-five miles south of the West Bolivar School District community, and Highway 61 which is located about twenty miles east of the West Bolivar School District community.  The new Interstate 69 Intercontinental Highway System connecting Port Huron, Michigan with Laredo, Texas, is due to traverse through Bolivar or Washington County when built.  Community members are eagerly anticipating the many benefits such a project can add to economic growth in the area.  

Located in the heart of the legendary Mississippi Delta region, the West Bolivar School District community rests in the lower southern portion of Bolivar County.  The Delta is traditionally known as the heart of the state's agricultural region.  The county’s geography offers a panoramic view of fertile fields that stretch endlessly to the horizon.  On its western border, the mighty Mississippi River provides access to cargoes carrying raw materials and finished products to markets around the world.  Bolivar County has a land mass of approximately 876 square miles, and houses an estimated population of 34,145 (Bureau of the Census, 2010).  

Bolivar County is known as one of the poorest areas in the region.  Census 2010 data reveal that 36% of the residents are living below the poverty level in Bolivar County.    Low levels of educational attainment among adults in Bolivar County plague the area as well.  Census data confirm that only 72% of persons 25 and older were high school graduates compared to 80% in Mississippi. 


West Bolivar Elementary School was originally the site for all African-American students in grades K – 12.  It was known as the Rosedale Colored School in 1948.  In 1953, the Mississippi State Legislature ordered a reorganization of all schools in the state of Mississippi.  Later, West Bolivar High School was built and the elementary school consisted of grades K – 6.  A new elementary school was built in 1970 to better accommodate and meet the needs of the students.  

In the late 1980s and the early 1990s, Pace Elementary School and Gunnison Elementary School were closed and these students were added to the student body of West Bolivar Elementary School.  In 1994, the last elementary school in the district to merge with West Bolivar Elementary School was Rosedale Elementary School.  West Bolivar Elementary school became a K – 4 school and the 5th and 6th grades became part of West Bolivar Middle School.

West Bolivar Elementary School is part of one of six consolidated school districts in Bolivar County.  The elementary school serves approximately 282 students in grades K – 4. The demographic makeup of the school is 94% black, 5% white, and 1% Hispanic.  All students in the West Bolivar Consolidated School District receive free breakfast and lunch.

West Bolivar Elementary School sits directly east of the Mississippi River Levee on Highway 1 in Rosedale.  The elementary school consists of six buildings which house 26 classrooms, including a library, computer lab, instructional resource room, and literacy center.

The challenges that are associated with the community are as follows:
1) The high poverty level and unskilled workforce make it difficult to attract new businesses. Thus, allowing the cycle of poverty and high employment rates to continue.
2) The percentage of parents who are not high school educated or college educated may affect how students view education in general. This challenge will make it more difficult to motivate students about learning.



Family Reading Night – Parents and students attend family reading night and are entertained by authors reading their books to students.  Parents, community leaders, board members, and other invited guests read to the students.  Teachers provide parents with ideas to improve reading skills at home.  Teachers demonstrate games and activities related to the books read.

Reading Fair – Students along with their families are invited to prepare a reading fair board based on given instructions.  Reading fair boards are judged with winners announced.  The first place boards are taken to a regional competition.

Spelling Bee – Students are encouraged to participate in the school-wide spelling bees.  Winners from each grade are given trophies.  Winners also compete against area schools.

Harvest Festival – This annual event brings parents, students, and other community members to the elementary school in November.  The event is held after school hours.  Students and parents participate in a wide variety of games and activities including bingo, a cake walk, and many other games through which participants can win different prizes.  Food, tickets, and admission are purchased.  Monies are placed in the school activity fund.

PTO meetings – Monthly PTO meetings are held with a different subject area focus each month.  Teachers who teach the different subject areas are asked to present their subject and give parents ideas to help their children succeed.

Muffins for Moms/Donuts for Dads – This is an annual event where moms and dads are encouraged to come to the elementary school and read to students and see what their children are doing in class.  They are also able to eat breakfast with their children.

Tailgating with Dads- This event allows students and parents to interact during the school day to enjoy grilled food while conferencing with teachers and school personnel.

Thanksgiving dinner/Christmas dinner –Parents are invited to eat Thanksgiving and Christmas lunch with their children.

Open House – Parents are invited to meet teachers at the beginning of the year.  Open house also occurs when progress reports or report cards are issued.  Conferences with teachers/parents can be scheduled at that time.

Christmas program – Our music teacher has an annual Christmas program where elementary students sing Christmas carols, recite poems, and participate in skits.  Parents are invited to attend.

Drug Free Week – Activities are planned for each day of the week to encourage the students to “Just Say No to Drugs”.  A poster contest is held during the week with prizes awarded.

Drug Free School Celebration – In May, this annual event celebrates the end of the school year with many outside activities including blow-up slides, picnic lunch, kickball tournaments, etc.  Parents are invited to participate with their students.

MAAP motivation week – Students are motivated throughout the week with guest speakers, songs, dances, etc.  The week culminates with prizes being awarded to those who scored proficient and advanced on the previous year’s state assessment.

RIF Distribution – Students are given an opportunity to select three free books throughout the school year to promote the love of reading.  Parents are invited to come to the school on distribution days.

The school system embodies its values by offering several different opportunities to involve the parents in the learning process. Parents are encouraged to visit and assist the teachers when they visit. In addition, parents and students are aware and understand that the school exists to provide a quality education. We have the best teacher ADA (average daily attendance) in the district. For this reason, it can be said that our teachers are dedicated about the students and their educational growth. Moreover, the parents, students, and teachers sign compacts each year agreeing to increase student achievement as a whole.


2012-13- Rated a “C” (Successful) School
2013-14- Rated a “C” (Successful) School
2014-15- Rated a “B” School
2015-16- Rated a “B” School

  • In November of 2010. WBE was recognized by the White House on achieving the Bronze Award in the Healthier US School Challenge.
  • In November of 2013, WBE was awarded an honor of being a “Champion of Change” by the Mississippi Department of Education. Furthermore, the school received a “High Progress” status.
  • In March 2015, WBE was recognized by the Mississippi Department of Education as a “Champion of Change” school. The school received a “High Progress” status.
  • The High Progress status is awarded to schools across the state for demonstrating the greatest gains in closing achievement gaps among students. This award status goes to schools that represent the highest 10% of schools that have improved overall performance over the past two years and fall within the top quartile of schools in performance gains of the lowest 25% subgroup.