Joe Barnes Vocational School

Dr. Latonya Johnson-Principal

Dr. Latonya Johnson, Principal
500 Bradford Street
Rosedale, MS 38907
Phone:  662-759-3791

Our vision at the Joe Barnes Career & Technical Center is to equip all students with foundational skills, knowledge, and experiences necessary for them to achieve success beyond high school. In order to accomplish our vision, we will provide academic and career learning opportunities for all students through rigorous instructional activities and intensive collaboration with parents/guardians, local businesses, local colleges/universities; and the surrounding communities. To be college and career ready, our students must be able to apply 21st century skills and knowledge.

To ensure that the students at the Joe Barnes Career & Technical Center receive the best possible education, the staff will work as a team and promote a school culture that is warm, welcoming, and well organized.  We will be fair, firm, and consistent in our actions and fulfill our roles in an enthusiastic and compassionate manner. We will work diligently to motivate and encourage the efforts of our students to become productive citizens of society.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. ~Nelson Mandela~


“A Small Team With Elite Qualities”