West Bolivar Middle School

1213 South Main Street
Rosedale, MS 38769
(662) 759-3743-Phone

Kenyatta Durr, Principal


National Honor's Society By Laws


Welcome Message from Principal:

Greetings!! As I begin my second school year as Principal of West Bolivar Middle School, I am energized and deeply committed to making a positive difference in the lives of your children. We will accomplish this by setting high academic expectations for all children and providing supportive systems to assure they are met. By addressing school culture, setting high standards for teacher performance, increased academic expectations for all students and engaging the community, it is our goal at the West Bolivar Middle School that all students are college or career ready. We gladly embrace the challenges of the future.  Our remarkable staff, involved parents, and committed students come together to make West Bolivar Middle School a wonderful and unique place. We hope your visit to our website will give you a quick snapshot of life at our school.  Please explore our links to find out more about curriculum, programs, and daily events at West Bolivar Middle School. I am looking forward to working with you and your student as we work toward an academically successful school year.

Educationally yours,

Mrs. K. Durr
WBMS Principal

Brief Description of the School:
West Bolivar Middle School is located in Bolivar County. The campus of West Bolivar Middle School is located in Rosedale, Mississippi. Rosedale, Mississippi is situated on the Mississippi River at the point halfway between the mounts of the White and the Arkansas Rivers. Students in our school live in the communities of Pace, Symond, Rosedale, Beulah, Gunnison and several small farming communities, which surround these areas. West Bolivar Middle School (WBMS) is a public middle school that serves students in grades fifth through eighth in Rosedale, MS. WBMS is one of seven schools in the West Bolivar Consolidated School District.  It currently serves 215 students. Approximately 92% is African American, 7% is Caucasian, and less than 1% Hispanic. The school’s total faculty consists of approximately 13 regular education teachers, 2 special education teachers, 1 guidance counselor, 1 principal, 1 literacy coach, 1 librarian,1 gifted teacher, school nurse, and 4 teacher assistants.  The school is a two level school with three buildings. One of the buildings includes a gymnasium, a cafeteria, and a band hall.  The current accountability status of the school is Priority School Status. The operation of the school day is ran between the hours of 7:45 to 3:25 p.m. daily on Monday-Friday. The school has several extracurricular activities, which includes football, basketball, track, cheerleading, band, and a dance team. There are other functions and activities that the school promotes throughout the school year.

Major Accomplishments of School (Awards, Recognition, etc.):
Our teachers are dedicated and committed in making data driven decisions on a daily basis. West Bolivar Middle School has made tremendous gains in all areas including Academic Progress, Discipline, Average Daily Attendance, Teacher Performance, etc. for 2014-2015 school year. Therefore, West Bolivar Middle School will continue in its commitment to excellence.

Description of Instructional Programs and Instructional Initiatives for the School:
This school has a Reading initiative where students read daily to improve in fluency and comprehension skills. We are also implementing an Intervention Period where all students are able to receive remediation and enrichment. Some instructional programs used by West Bolivar Middle School are iReady, Moby Max, USA Test Prep, Case 21, and ELS.

Staff Listing with Employee Names and Title:

West Bolivar Middle School
Faculty and Staff

Mrs. K. Durr, Principal

Mrs. E. Brownlee, Literacy Coach

Mrs. R. Smith, Counselor

Mrs. C. Evans, Secretary

5th & 6th Grade Teachers

Ms. S. Bass- ELA

Mrs. L. Jones- Math

Mr. M. Brown- Social Studies

Ms. V. Gary- 6th & 7th Science

7th-8th Grade Teachers

Mr. K. Butler - Math

Ms. F. Jenkins- ELA

Mr. K. Scott- Science 5th & 8th

Ms. F. Strotter- Social Studies

Ms. M. Lewis- Technology Foundations

Physical Education

Mr. T. Nolden


Mr. I. Lloyd

Special Education

Ms. W. Hall, Inclusion

Ms. S. Wilson, Inclusion                                                        

Teacher Assistants

Ms. D. Adams- CPU Lab 

Ms. V. Lewis- CPU Lab

Mr. J. Pinkston- ISS 

Any other general “Need to Know” information regarding the School:

West Bolivar Middle School is considered to be a CSI (Comprehensive Support and Improvement) School. Therefore, this school must meet certain criteria in order to be a successful school.

CSI Parent Notification