Shaw High School
P.O. Box 510

421 North Hwy 61N
Shaw, MS 38773
Office: (662) 754-4418

Elliott Wheeler, Principal



Brief Description of the School (Historical, Demographics, etc.):

Built in 1923, Shaw High School is located in the rural town of Shaw, Mississippi.  Shaw is located in Bolivar County, Mississippi and its largest industry is agriculture.  Shaw has a population of over 2,300 with several local businesses which include a Family Medical Clinic, a Dollar General Store, two convenient stores and an automotive and parts store.  

Shaw High School has an enrollment of 158 students serving 9th – 12th grades.  The school operates on the 4x4 block scheduling while also taking advantage of Vocational Services offered by our neighboring school district, Leland School District, in Washington County.  

All students enrolled at Shaw High School receive free breakfast and lunch.   The ethnic population of students includes over 98% African American and less than 1% White.  Shaw High School is a Title I school and receives Title I and Title II Funding.  
There are 19 licensed instructional staff members at Shaw High which include a lead teacher and counselor.  There are 3 non-licensed staff members that support the educational environment at Shaw High School.  

Shaw High School buildingMajor Accomplishment of School (Awards, Recognition, etc.):

PREPS (Program of Research and Evaluation of Public Schools) Value Added Award

2005 – Outstanding Gains in Student Achievement

2010 – Outstanding Performance in SATP English II and US History

2011 – Outstanding Performance in SATP US History

2011 – Outstanding Performance - Quality of Distribution Index

2012 – Outstanding Performance in SATP2 English II and Quality of Distribution Index

Learning Forward Mississippi Spotlight School in 2011

Recognized in Newsweek in 2015 as one of the Top 500 schools in the Nation “Beating the Odds”

2014 and 2015 – Shaw High School’s Boys’ Basketball Team won the 1A State Championship

Description of Instructional Programs and Instructional Initiatives for the School

USATest Prep

USATestprep, Inc. is recognized as a leader in online review for high school, middle school, and elementary school standardized testing. USATestprep has been helping students with high-stakes tests since 1998 and currently offers a multitude of review products and subject areas for subject area end-of-grade, end-of-course, graduation level, or college entrance assessments. Their online programs are tailored to both individual state and/or Common Core standards.  Our school’s focus subject areas are Biology I, Algebra I, English II, and US History.  

Renaissance Learning

Renaissance Learning offers technology based educational programs for PK-12th grade students. These programs are designed to assess, monitor, supplement, and enhance traditional classroom activities and lessons.  Our school utilizes its Progress Monitoring tool and assess students in Reading and Math using STAR.  Accelerated Reader is another component used in the English and Compensatory Reading classes.

School Wide Reading Initiative - ReadWorks

ReadWorks is a nonprofit organization. Its mission is to improve teacher effectiveness and student
achievement in reading comprehension.   Shaw High School provides students with reading passages and questions during Power Period that enhance vocabulary and comprehension skills.   


Classworks is an interactive, online supplemental program which includes K-8 Math, Reading, Language Arts, and Science instruction plus assessment and productivity tools.

Common Planning Time for subject area teachers (English, Science, History, and Mathematics)

Need to Know

Shaw High School has been fully accredited by the regional accrediting association since 1965.  

Shaw High operates a 4 x 4 block schedule that affords students the opportunity to receive a maximum of 8 credits for the school year.

Shaw High School has maintained a “B” rating for 4 years for its outstanding growth by students on the Subject Area Testing Program.

During the Fall 2015 school year, Shaw High School students have the option to participate in the Healthy Relationship Initiative sponsored by Our House, Inc.